Emerging Leaders Initiative

The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) formed the Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI ELI) to connect, support, and foster dialogue amongst the next generation of rising stars in environmental law and policy.

Selected by some of the most prominent environment, energy, and natural resource leaders in the nation from ELI’s Board, Leadership Council, and staff, ELI’s Emerging Leaders are the next generation of trailblazers in our sector. Regardless of their field of practice — government, corporation, NGO, or private practice — ELI ELI candidates have truly distinguished themselves as leaders, following in the footsteps of their predecessors on the Leadership Council and ELI Board.

Together they help to ensure a future of innovative programs for ELI. We are so thankful for their support.

Applications are now open for the 2022 cohort! Apply here by December 16: https://www.eli.org/form/emerging-leaders-initiative-appl

ELI Steering Committee

Chair: Stacey Halliday
David Barnes
Laura Cottingham
Natasha DeJarnett, Ph.D.
Erin Eastwood
Justin Fisch
Kristin Gladd
Mitchell L. Guc
Jeffrey Hammons
John F. Huldin
Ted Kelly
Elise N. Paeffgen
Lea A. Phillips
Erika Spanton
Ben Tannen
Crystal Upperman, Ph.D.
Jonathan Wood

ELI Members


Olivia Anton
Evan Belser
Kathleen Benner
Susan Bernard
Marvin C. Brown IV
Thomas Brugato
Inga Caldwell
Kelsey Callahan
Jay Duffy
Adam Eaton
Gina Falaschi
Brian Ferrasci-O'Malley
Christy Fisher
Laura Forero Orozco
Sean Frye
Lindsay Hall
Jill Hamilton
Jennifer Hammitt
Megan Herzog
Molly Hofsommer
Nur Ibrahim
Taylor Jones
Laura Kerr
Dylan King
Zhuoshi Liu
Jessica Maloney
Megan McLean
Matthew McNerney
Shannon Morrissey
Nathaniel Morse, Ph.D.
Stephanie Oehler
Jack Raffetto
Dr. Heather Rally
Xiao Recio-Blanco
Amy Reed
Robin Rotman
Ethan Severance
Prianka Sharma
Linda Sobczynski
Ahren Stroming
Amanda Tharpe
Sarah Wightman
Gabrielle Winick
Stephen Zumbrun


Jose Almanzar
Gregory Berlin
Stephanie Biggs
Caleb Bowers
Lindsay Brewer
Marisa Choy
Valerie Cleland
Lawrence Corbeille
Rachel Corley
Elizabeth Dawson
Cecilia Diedrich
Lindsay Dofelmier
Jessie Dugan Barrett
William Enoch
Danny Folds
Aimee Ford
Jamie Friedland
Deepti Gage
Meghan Gavin
Sarah Grey
Cynthia Harris
Brooklyn Hildebrandt
Matthew Horn
Nicholas Howell
Hannah Johnston
Nicole Josko
Meredith Keller
Rylee Kercher Olm
Rachel Keylon
Sarah Kozal
Jean-Luc Kreitner
Adena Leibman
Elizabeth Lewis
Victoria Lichet
Hampden Macbeth
Dustin Maghamfar
Melissa Malstrom
Justin Maroccia
Dacia Meng
Matthew Miller
Rujeko Muza
Elizabeth Nugent
Alejandra Nunez
Cheyenne Overall
Jarryd Page
Julia Peebles
Kristine Perry
Taylor Pool
Anushka Rahman
Sarah Reiter
Meredith Richardson, Ph.D.
Kelly Rondinelli
Hannah Roskey
Maram Salaheldin
Brittany Schieler, Ph.D.
Spencer Showalter
Ariel Stavitsky
Claudia Tibbs
Kate Tipple
Sara Warren
Damon Watson
Nikki Waxman
Kayla Weiser-Burton
Jessica Wilkerson
Jordan Wimpy
Alessandra Wingerter

ELI does not undertake the sale, rental or exchange of donor names. ELI does not disclose privileged or confidential donor information to unauthorized parties. All donor information created by, or on behalf of, ELI is the property of ELI and shall not be transferred or utilized except on behalf of ELI. This policy applies to all donations, whether made online or by cash, check, in-kind donation or stock transfer.