Experts Guide

Carl Bruch
International Environmental Law, Environment & Conflict, Environmental Peacebuilding, Environmental Rule of Law, Adaptation Law, Compliance & Enforcement
Jay Austin
Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Supreme & Federal Courts, Wetlands, Water
John Pendergrass
International Environmental Law, Climate Change, Superfund, Mining, Educating Judges, Public Involvement, China, Environmental Law
Linda Breggin
Food Waste, State & Local Environmental Law, Superfund
Rebecca L. Kihslinger
Wetlands, Climate Change Adaptation, Hazard Mitigation, Flooding
Scott Fulton, President
Enforcement, International Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Educating Judges, China
Tobie Bernstein
Indoor Air Quality, Environmental Health

Adaptation Law

Administrative Law

Climate Change

Climate Change Adaptation

Compliance & Enforcement

Constitutional Law

Educating Judges


Environment & Conflict

Environmental Health

Environmental Law

Environmental Peacebuilding

Environmental Rule of Law

Food Waste

Hazard Mitigation

Indoor Air Quality

International Environmental Law

Public Involvement

State & Local Environmental Law

Supreme & Federal Courts