Remarkable Cities and the Security and Sovereignty of Food and Nutrition: 41 Ways to Regenerate the Local Food System

Remarkable Cities & Security and Sovereignty of Food and Nutrition cover
Jonathan Rosenbloom
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Development is not sustainable if it fails to create and support food and nutrition secure and self-supporting neighborhoods. Development impacts many aspects of the food system, including where food is grown, how far food must travel before it is consumed, where distributors and retailers of food are placed, and who has access to fresh and nutritious food. By viewing development and its associated impacts through a sustainability lens, we can rethink the role of development and how communities can grow while fostering a strong, inclusive, affordable, accessible, and healthy food system.

This book, the second in a series under the Sustainability Development Code project, seeks to jumpstart a move toward healthier, more equitable, and more environmentally friendly communities. Examining the way local governments regulate development and how that impacts the food system, the book offers 41 recommendations to amend development codes to increase food and nutrition security and sovereignty and create healthier communities.

Learn about the first book in the series, Remarkable Cities and the Fight Against Climate Change. 

About the Author

Jonathan Rosenbloom is a Professor of Law at Albany Law School. His scholarship explores issues relevant to local governments and sustainability, with a particular focus on land use. He is a former U.S. Circuit Court clerk, attorney for the federal government and a large law firm, and commissioner on the Des Moines Plan and Zoning Commission. He is the founding director of the Sustainable Development Code,, a model land use code providing local governments with the best sustainability practices in land use. Jonathan has degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design, New York Law School, and Harvard Law School. He is happiest spending time outside with his wife and daughters and woodworking.