Pro Bono Practitioners

FOR ATTORNEYS: To see available matters, attorneys must first sign up for the Clearinghouse. If you're an ELI Member, please sign in then opt in to the Clearinghouse to find pro bono opportunities. Non-members can apply to join the Clearinghouse. This does not confer ELI membership, simply access to the Clearinghouse.  

Clearinghouse members are required to watch a pre-recorded CLE webinar on community lawyering before they take on any matters. The Clearinghouse offers regular free CLE on community lawyering topics.  

Once you have either opted into the Clearinghouse or joined as a non-ELI member, you will be able to see all available matters. If you are interested in learning more about a matter or taking a matter for representation, we ask that you contact the submitter using the information listed on the matter. Matters will indicate if a submitter prefers one form of communication to another, for example some submitters may prefer a phone call over email.  

After contacting a submitter, and if it is a good fit for both you and the community, we ask that you email us at to let us know that the matter has found representation. You can also let the Clearinghouse team know if you would like to amend the matter. For example, you might need local counsel, additional legal person power, or a non-legal expert for the matter. We are happy to post these requests.  

We cannot ensure that every matter will meet an individual attorney or firm’s definition of pro bono.